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Back 2 Black Spray Shine

From Route 66 Exotic Coatings

Back 2 Black Spray Shine

Route 66 Exotic Coatings Back 2 Black™ Is the fastest and most effective spray shine and protectant dressing. As your ride’s exterior ages, rubber, plastic and vinyl exterior components of all colors will dry, crack, flake and deteriorate. This oxidation can be stopped and reversed with Route 66 Exotic Coatings Back 2 Black™.

An easy and time saving way to turn faded gray and dull parts on your auto, motorcycle, boat, plane or RV Back 2 Black. This non-greasy, dry to the touch formula sprays on fast and easy and any over spray is easily wiped away from glass and paint. Route 66 Exotic Coatings Back 2 Black™ leaves trim, engine parts, moldings, A/C vents and many other hard to reach areas black, shiny and protected.


Just spray for fast glossy finish and protectant for plastics, rubber, vinyl, tires, trim, air vents and hard-to-reach areas. Restores and prolongs shine to faded materials reviving and maintaining a new look shine.

Back 2 Black™ - Instantly shines and protects vinyl, plastic, rubber, metal, glass, leather and many other materials of any color. Sprayed surfaces are 100% DRY TO TOUCH, water, dirt, and stain resistant. Cleans, shines lubricates and protects against moisture. Non staining anti-static.

Time Saver Tip: Apply a rubber/plastic preservative, like Route 66 Exotic Coatings Back 2 Black™ to all non-paint surfaces before waxing or polishing to help keep that unpainted area from being stained by waxes.

Directions for Use:
1.Shake can
2.Spray light coat 8-10 inches from surface
3.Repeat to achieve desired level of shine
4.Wipe excess if desired.

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 Sale!  $12.71
Back 2 Black Spray Shine

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