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Concept One Ford Small Block Kit with Alternator and A/C

From Concept One Pulley Systems

Concept One Ford Small Block Kit with Alternator and A/C

Ford Small Block Kit with Alternator and A/C

 Concept ONE makes it easy to improve the look and function of your vehicle by providing all the parts you need modernize your electrical, air conditioning and power steering systems. Complete kits mean easy installation, perfect fit and an end to searching for all the components separately. These compact serpentine systems are available in various configurations customizable to your specific application.

 Standard Equipment:

  • Ultra small polished Sanden SD-7 compressor with billet hardlines
  • 105 amp polished Powermaster one-wire alternator
  • New OEM spring tensioner with billet aluminum pulley
  • Crank pulley, waterpump pulley and alternator pulley
  • Complete bracket set for alternator, A/C compressor and tensioner
  • Alternator Fan
  • Alternator Pulley Cover
  • Compressor Nose Cover
  • Goodyear Gatorback Belt
  • Chrome Hardware



Ford Small Block Application Info

Short Waterpump
Short waterpump (SFM) pulley systems are a good choice for applications where there is a minimum amount of room between the engine and radiator. This combination is 1-1/2 inches shorter than the long waterpump kit. Requires the use of a reverse rotation 94-95 mustang waterpump and timing cover and electric fuel pump.

Long Waterpump
Long waterpump (SFL) pulley systems are the same length as factory Ford standard rotation systems and will fit most applications. Must change to a reverse rotation waterpump, but most older timing covers will work. Works with electric or mechanical fuel pump.

Which Waterpump and Timing Cover Do I Have?
Use these pictures to identify which waterpump and timing cover you have. As always, there are exceptions to this illustration. Particularly, some late model Long Waterpump timing covers may have the fuel pump boss either blocked off or not there at all. Don't hesitate to call us if you have a question.

  • Short Waterpump and Timing Cover
  • This timing cover DOES NOT have provision for mechanical fuel pump
  • Timing cover used on 1994-95 Mustangs, various Explorers, and older Ford Racing crate engines
  • This is the style required for our Short Waterpump Kits




  •  LongWaterpump and Timing Cover
  • This timing cover has provision for mechanical fuel pump
  • Most common timing cover used on many Ford models
  • This is the style required for our Long Waterpump Kits?





Most 1970 and newer blocks have an accessory hole on the passenger side of the front face of the block. Most older blocks do not have this hole. Our standard kits have a bracket that bolts to this hole, but we have an alternate bracket that bolts to the ground strap hole for blocks where this hole is not present. There is no difference in price, we just need to know if this hole is present or not.

Additional Notes

  • Kits are designed for use with electric cooling fans. If you need to run a mechanical fan, we can make modifications to the waterpump pulley. Also, if you use a mechanical fan, remember that this kit uses a reverse rotation waterpump, so make sure the fan is a reverse rotation fan.
  • When using Concept ONE kits in older Fords with the radiator inlet on the passenger side, custom hoses such as Cool-Flex® can be used to reroute the radiator hose.
  • Ford 90° thermostat housings are recommended
  • Common rack & pinion units used in the aftermarket are Mustang and Thunderbird. Mustang racks generally need to run in the 800-900 psi pressure range. Thunderbird racks (NAPA part number often used - 22-203F) generally run in the 1100-1200 psi range

 More Information 
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