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TCI 1967-1968 Cougar Rear Torque Arm

From Total Cost Involved

TCI 1967-1968 Cougar  Rear Torque Arm

TCI’s rear Torque Arm suspension was designed to eliminate the suspension bind that occurs when cornering using the stock conventional leaf spring suspension. The torque Arm features a slider on the front of the arm that slides forward and rotates as the car goes through suspension travel thus allowing the cars handling to be controlled by the coil-over shocks and the rear sway bar with no suspension binding variables. The kit allows for a lower stance, great rear axle control and dramatic improved handling.

The kit is a bolt on application except for welding the axle brackets, panhard brackets, and optional sway bar brackets on the 3 inch axle housing tubes. Optional TCI housings come with all brackets installed and heli-arced.

Bolt-On Rear Assembly Includes:

  • New 1 ¼“ High Performance Bars
  • 1” Adjustable Panhard Bar With Lh & Rh Rod Ends
  • 1 ¾“  Torque Arms With Slider And Reinforcing Flanges
  • 1 ¼“ Trailing Arms With Stainless Adjusters
  • 1 ½“ Frame Stiffener With Drive Shaft Loop
  • Floor Reinforcing Plates And Hardware
  • 1 ¾“ Sub-Frame Connectors
  • Adjustable Pinion Support Tubes With Rod Ends, Tabs, And Install Tool
  • Axle Housing Brackets, Torque Arm Tabs And Install Tool
  • Synthetic Greasable Urethane Bushings
  • All American Coil-Over Shocks
  • 1 ½“ Coil-Over Cross-Member
  • Detailed Installation Manual
 Was $2,270.00
 Sale!  $2,043.00
SKU: 530-5102-00
TCI 1967-1968 Cougar Rear Torque Arm - Plain
/ Kit

 Was $2,623.00
 Sale!  $2,360.70
SKU: 530-5102-01
TCI 1967-1968 Cougar Rear Torque Arm - Chrome
/ Kit

 Was $2,730.00
 Sale!  $2,457.00
SKU: 530-5102-02
TCI 1967-1968 Cougar Rear Torque Arm - Polished
/ Kit

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